Systema Solar: sowing the seeds of social consciousness

By Honor Scott April 22, 2019
Systema Solar
Systema Solar’s new video carries a strong social and environmental message. Photo: Systema Solar

Systema Solar are not known solely for their popular dance music, but for the sustainable messages of their songs. This shows no sign of taking a back seat in 2019, if the release of their video for ‘Pa’ Sembrar’ is anything to go by.

The song is the sixth track on their 2016 album Rumbo a Tierra, and the newly released video puts emphasis is on both the biological richness of the land and the richness of community spirit.

Filmed with the Puerto Mesitas community in Santo Domingo de Meza, the video for ‘Pa’ Sembrar’ is a joyful celebration of the campesinos who live and work the land there. It not only shows the planting of seeds, but also the cultivation, harvest, preparation and sharing of the rich variety of native foods – foods which sustain much of the Caribbean region.

Systema Solar are also making a strong statement that condemns the use of GMO seeds in Colombia. They say that the song “was born at a time of denunciations against the genetic manipulation of seeds”, and advocates a traditional model of land development; one that is not only sustainable and of low environmental impact, but which ensures the long-term security of the nation’s food supply.

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Using the hashtag #CultivarPaz the group highlight the role that environmental sustainability has to play in the social and political stability of Colombia. They tweet that, while there is enough land, “we have faced difficult circumstances of forced displacement due to the violent appropriation of the territories which attack the legacy of the protection of seeds.”