Top uses of diamond other than being used in the Jewelry Market

By bogotapost October 11, 2019

Diamond is commonly used as a gemstone in jewelry. However, this stone can be used for industrial purposes and numerous operations. You can also use diamonds for simple general purposes. If you have never known other uses of diamond other than the making of jewelries, then this article will enlighten you on numerous valuable uses of diamonds. Besides, there are various online platforms where you can purchase diamond gemstone; hence, it’s good to be aware of the different uses of a diamond. 

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

The following are the uses of diamond other than making jewelry:

Cuts Glasses – The tiny diamond pieces cut glasses and even drill rocks. Diamonds are hard in nature, hence, their impact and capability in cutting and drilling. If you want to know more about how diamonds can cut, numerous sites like pink diamond investments can advise you more. Strange evidence you need to hear is that a diamond can cut another diamond. Similarly, you can use a small diamond potion to cut large pieces of diamond. 

Polishing numerous stones -Whether you use the diamond in a solid or dust form, it will still accomplish different tasks. You can use diamond dust to polish other diamonds and valuable stones. Diamond dust enhances the shininess of other stones.

Tungsten cables – Not many people know that they can use a diamond to make tungsten wires. You can use diamond dyes the diamond dies to make wires using a piece of lab equipment.

Carve stones – It is known that one can use diamonds to engrave stones too numerous metals. For example, one can engrave stones like granite, quartz, etc. If you have been dealing with diamonds in engraving stones, you probably know that they don’t break, scrape, or damage stones. For this reason, worry is significantly reduced.

Applications for electric purposes – Diamonds contain the highest levels of thermal conductivity. Due to this, they are suitable for use in various electronic applications. Also, their high-level of conductivity prevents damage to subtle resulting from sun heat rays. You can also use diamonds to heat sinks in electric applications to prevent sun heat.

Lapping – Lapping is a process involving the use of diamond slurry? To come up with diamond slurry, you will need to mix water with a combination containing small diamonds pieces. Afterwards, you can apply the diamond slurry amid two surfaces which requires lapping and rubbing to achieve results. 

Poison and disease antidote – No research has diamonds are often used as antidotes in various places for poisons or diseases. This belief came from plague days whereby people believed that diamonds could cure the disease. Most lower-class people suffered delay consequences of the plague and resulted in using the diamond. This is because they believed the upper-class people swallowed diamonds to keep them healthy. 


There are numerous benefits of diamond apart from their uses in the jewelry market. Diamonds are available in different colors, shapes and sizes from online and store vendors. For example, if you want to know various uses of diamond other than in the making of jewelry, online platforms like argle diamond investments can help you get in-depth info before you decide to purchase diamonds.