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Nevado del Ruiz: Armero on my mind

Colombia is on amber alert as the Nevado del Ruiz volcano could blow again. We look back at how 23,000 people died in a town called Armero.
Flag of the FARC-EP

Iván Mordisco: back from the dead

The reappearance of the FARC EMC guerrilla leader, armed to the teeth, spooks the Colombian peace process.

The lowdown on narco-subs

Narco-subs are back in the news. Here's everything you need to know about the clandestine craft.

A Forgotten Barrio Fights to Keep the Water Running

In rural Bogotá, a neglected community’s project to provide potable water faces increasing challenges.  Passing by verdant hills and...
A Narcohippo

River boats, Caracas connections and flying hippos: the Bogotá Buzz is...

Our regular round-up of Colombia news that caught the world’s eye. Pablo’s hippos: wild ones...

Women’s day in Bogotá 2023: What happened?

Thousands of people took to the streets yesterday, sporting purple and green pañuelos to mark International Women’s Day in Bogotá. 
Ashim d'Silva on unsplash Viva plane grounded

What Viva Air’s suspension of flights means for passengers

Viva Air declared bankruptcy in mid-February and has since grounded flights. Find out how you might be impacted.

Record emigration: are they voting with their feet?

We look at the rising phenomena of Colombians heading overseas

Health reform: kill or cure?

The Petro government has finally presented plans to reform Colombia's health system. Congress will now debate radical proposals which could up-end decades of private-public partnership. Are the proposed reforms set to improve the Colombian health system?

Back to the streets: Petro’s development plan prompts mass demonstrations

Both fans and critics of Petro’s programme of far-reaching reforms have organised mass mobilisations this week following the presentation of the programme